New Seats humor me im just wondering

Well I was working on my DA the other day replacing the front end and i noticed there was a camaro sitting next to me in the shop…used to be mine but thats another story.

It looks like the seats are about the same size…could i possible put seats from a 94 Camaro into my 92 Integra??? I am just curious :angel:

It should be obvious that it won’t be a direct fit and would need modification to work.

If the seat is in the shop, why not just go and try it?


Chevy couldn’t make a comfortable seat to save it’s life.

well the seats are still in the camaro and the guy would not appreciate me taking the seats outta his…and in my opinion i liked the camaro seats

you said it use to be yours…lol take it back. anyway… like spikeymike said… you should know that there is no way that its going to be a direct bolt in…

honda/acura cant even make one universal seat bolt pattern… and to expect another car mfg to have the same as yours…? not going to happen.

btw dont take offense to it but i think those seats are disgusting…lol