New Springs....what is that noise?

I just picked up a set of Eibach Drag Launch Springs for my '93 LS. I had them installed yesterday but there is a loud rattle/clatter/clunk coming from the passenger side, rear wheel well. :frowning: Could they have forgotten to put a piece back? Any help would be appreciated.

lol…rattle, clatter, clunk

I know you had someone else put em in,
and if you want you could just take it back
and say wtf, drive this thing around the
block and you tell me. Places do springs
fast, so anythings possible.

The rear is super easy to investigate.
If you fear somethings wrong, just jack
up your rear, pull teh wheel. and have
a little look.

Theres only 2 bolts on top in the hatch, and
one on the bottom that holds teh strut to lca.
Like 10 min tops, you can see wtf’s goin on.

Dont ignore any clanking or clunking.


I had already gone and talked to them but they just instantly said i need new shocks…while i know this is the case…there was no way this noise was coming from a bad shock…anyway…I went back and made them listen to it and they agreed something wasn’t right. They admitted they couldn’t get the bolt off the attaches the bottom of the shock to the lower control arm so they just “pivoted” the top of the shock tower out to pull the spring off and put the new one on. They are going to put a new bushing on it today…i think they lost a part…he he

do the bushings on the top of the shock towers typically go out? the car only has 80k miles.

also…bolt holding shock to lower control arm is rusted…any ideas on how to free the bolt without “blow torching” it off?