New strut blown?

i got some Tokico Illuminas, and I just installed them yesterday. I go to drive my car to work this morning and everytime i go over a bump I hear this clunk sound on my drivers side front. I put them on the softest setting yesterday and i had no problems, no strange noises. Today im gonna go and make sure that I tightened everything before I take the strut out. Could this be anything else or is the strut just defective?

I have heard those are prone to failure right out of the box

How low are you? The noise could be from you bottoming out.

Its the weirdest thing, I drove home and it stopped, but i drove to work this morning and it started making that clunking noise again. I tightned everything up yesterday, I even raised it up in the front and tiffened up all 4 struts and it drove like a go kart, but this morning it started clunking. I dont know what to do, what could this be? i dont thing its the strut anymore?

Check all your upper/lower ball joints for play and also inner/outer tie rods. Those things are the most common factors that causes clunking. Other than that, the only thing I can think of is if you have forgotten to put the o-rings on the shock tube to make the sleeves fit firmly in place.

If you forgot to install the o-rings, that could be the cause of your clunking.
Also, when you jacked up the car and lowered it down, did you make sure the springs sat firmly in place in the top hat rubber cap thingie?

I will check it again to make sure i put the rings back, but im pretty sure i did. I think it might be the ball joints cause they looked pretty crappy