New suspension on the db1

I finally got around to taking a couple decent pictures of the db1 out here in charleston with the pic selects so enjoy.

not too shabbyyy

i like the polished and shaved legend wheels. looks good

looks good…either lower the front or raise the back…not feeling that 2 finger gap in the front
legend rims? looks like stock gs rims to me.

looks good. i like a bit of rake myself though.
you should fix up that rear camber. your tires will suffer

[QUOTE=db1st;2136821]looks good…either lower the front or raise the back…not feeling that 2 finger gap in the front
legend rims? looks like stock gs rims to me.[/QUOTE]

i must have them confused with these

they are similar, altho i can see the flat face of the GS compared to the legends

how long have you been on these? anything else done to the suspension?

Yes these are the original gs wheels. As far as height in the front, I only have appx 2 inches ground clearance off the traction bar. It is lower then it looks; however, the 14" wheels can be deceiving. I have a set of gsr blades that I am going to replace these with when the falken rt-615k come out. I haven’t been able to get an appt to get the car aligned and cornerbalanced at my shop so the rear camber can wait a little longer.

I have had then for about a month now, maybe 1500 miles.

The suspension currently consists of pic selects (10k/8k) full poly bushings, revo front upper control arms, full race traction bar, oem front swaybar, and a looped powersteering rack in the front, In the rear there are new oem t/a bushings, spc rear upper control arms, st rear toe compensator arms, and st rear swaybar.

I need to still do a couple things. I want to replace all the wheel studs, wheel bearings, lower ball joints again, intermediate shaft, and I want to add function 7 rear uca, asr subframe w/ 24mm swaybar, st front swaybar.

damn. you like your suspension goodies, huh?
nice to see your paying attention to one of the most important aspects.
our cars always look lower in the rear because the front fenders stick out over the wheel more than the quarter panel does. pretty much all non-adjustable units give it that look

anything else done to this thing?

The pic selects are adjustable, I need to get a couple more projects finished before I get it aligned and cornerbalanced with freshly polished gsr blades. I am probably going to raise the car overall, but I want to see how it sits with 15s before I go higher.

It has a b20b in it now, but that is getting pulled when I get time to finish my ls build.

Looks good! The full race bar hangs so low. How do you not smash that things everywhere?! Mine is not nearly as low and I have issues just getting out of my driveway.

that strut bar looks like a rare greddy trust

i have one looks exactly like that called a titan. i think the greddy ones have a greddy sticker or badge on them. could be wrong.

It can be a pain in the ass downtown charleston with the car and trying to get into the steep entrances. Otherwise it isn’t too bad, but it is going to have to get raised up before I install my new headers and exhaust. I haven’t been able to find out who made that strut bar. I found it in the trunk of a parts da9 I had, and it is stiller then the other bars I have. I plan on having my friend fab me up a 3pt when I take the car to Colorado to get worked on.

When are you coming to CO? Hit us up when you get here man!

true, i looked at my greddy and it differs. but that strut bar looks nice

I am hoping to drive to boulder on leave in a month and a half, but it depends on how much space there is at my friends garage and how much time I have. I have about a month left of A school and then I wont get leave again until at the end of power school or xmas stand down.

Boulder is only about 10 minutes from me and mrpenny so im sure you could meet up with minimal schedual conflicts:)

how did you polish those blade they look nice