new to the DA scene (but not the honda scene)

whats going on? im new here, if you couldnt already tell. just picked up my second DA (the first one was a donor parts car for my old crx after a dash fire). heres a little history of my honda/acura days.

my first ever build was a 1991 crx hf i picked up for $100.00. i then picked up a 1991 integra ls and swapped the b18a1 and front and rear disc brakes over. after about 5 years in gray primer and olive drap flat paint, i decided to do a full ground up rebuild. here are a few pictures…

i just traded a 1990 crx dx with a jdm b16 which i picked up for $1000 for my new to me 1990 integra ls which is pretty much stock. my plans are not to do too much to it since im in the middle of rebuilding a 1990 jeep wrangler. so my budget is very low for the integra at the moment. it came with a megan header attached to a hi-flow cat and stock exhaust, short ram intake and a grant steering wheel.
so far i have replaced the valve cover with a spare one i had that was painted gold, changed out the head lights and fog light bulbs for one’s that are a little brighter and picked up some clear corner lights. today i decided to paint the fog lights with some yellow glass paint and will have some pictures up tomorrow. here are a few pictures i have it it so far.

the day i picked it up

welcome to g2ic in my eyes you should have kept the crx if it was in the condition the da was in becuz those things are impossible to find and super light, love the crx that you already built and welcome to g2ic, get some one peices and slam that Biotch with a lip and you will look mayb even some paint too :slight_smile:

the dx with the b16 was a clam. the brakes were shot, it needed a vtec ecu and i wasnt willing to spend the cash for one. the PO painted all the interior in the crx red and silver and it was getting hard to find interior parts for the crx in my area. a guy from salem, MA offered to trade me straight up, so i took him up on his offer. the integra runs a hell of alot better and brakes a 100 times better

the b16 crx

I’s nice to see someone else that is into Jeeps, CRX’s and DA’s. I’m on my 4th Jeep (2006 Unlimited Wrangler) I still have the first of my 3 DA’s and my CRX Si. Like I’ve said before I’m into lifted Jeeps and lowered Hondas. I wish that I didn’t sell my 94 Wrangler but at the time I had 6 cars and one had to go. I should have sold my 66 mustang instead.

Cool, nice to see another new england guy on here. There is a Black Japan meet this Saturday and we are planning a G2IC meet later in the year. Here are the links:

i have a 1990 yj with a 3" lift (not sure what lift it has) and 33’s. i picked it up for $1650 and it also included hard half doors, full doors, bikini top and a hard top. not a bad deal.

the day i bought her

the day after halloween

[QUOTE=Dampa-chi;2060615]Cool, nice to see another new england guy on here. There is a Black Japan meet this Saturday and we are planning a G2IC meet later in the year. Here are the links:[/QUOTE]

i would love to go, but its my birthday that day and have a party to go to. plus i just bought the integra and would like to get a few more miles under my belt before i take it on a long drive any where

Welcome to G2IC! :wave: Dampa-chi beat me to it, but I’ll say it too, its good to have another New England member. We havent set a date or place yet for the end of summer meet. Hopefully you’ll be able to come out to that one.

yeah i hope i can. i just filled up the tank and found a fuel leak. so ill be looking into that and also im hearing a clanking sound from the right axle…PO stated he replaced both axles so im gonna look into that as well

gotta love used cars, always find something that wasnt listed in the Craigs list AD