New to the Honda world.

Hey guys, my name is Chris Sword and was born and raised in the Asheville, N.C. area. I started working at a local Honda shop part time about a month or so ago (HPTautosport), part time and I really fell in love with the Honda world. A guy that worked with me, Paul had a white DA that was super clean on a set of period correct white Enkei wheels. I rode the mountains with him a few times on drives with our friends, and his Integra really grew on me. So I got some money together and bought my own. I don’t have any pictures on the computer of it yet, but I will try to get a few up tonight. I am leaving for the Air Force October 9th and i just had to get something before I left. I have talked it over with my boss and we agreed on working out a good deal to have some things done to it while I am away at Basic trainning and Tech School.

Plans- I really enjoy the mountain roads we have here so the plan for my car is to not be super fast or anything, I just want a wide and low stanced car that is gonna handle like something fierce. So while I am away it will be put on coilovers, wheels and tires, corner balanced, and last but not least brakes.

Sorry for the wait… Got a couple pics of her:

I haven’t done anything major to it yet, but earlier this week I had to put a clutch in it, and I also got a CAI that I put in a few days ago.


Have fun with the addiction this site provides!

Thanks! I have pretty big plans for it, just no money to do so. I will be frequenting the forum as much as I can, but my build won’t start really until I am gone as I am having the shop I work at take care of it while I am away at basic training/ tech school. I am very excited to see the progress of the car. A very good friend of mine will be driving/ building it.