New to this site. Captiva blue pearl rs (56k beware)

Oil pump seized on me so I have been getting it rebuilt. Pics later tonight

nice bro bro when could i see this sexy beeeech in person? p.s i have some one piece headlights for 100 lmk

She should be running tomorrow

Finishing bolting everything up tomorrow.

love the directions this thread is going :up:

Intercooler still sits a lil funky but I can dea with it.

Took her out for a test drive with new engine and whatnot. Engine has new gaskets and seals and just about new everything from the oil pan to the valve cover.

She has a lil sputter which I’m relating to spark plugs so once I get some money (I exhausted all my funds into this) ill be buying some. Most likely tomorrow night.

Thanks. The lil input I get from people means a lot.

Fuel pump went in along with the precision 1000cc injectors. Getting tuned on e85 tonight

Try crushing down the gap. Could help with your sputtering.

I got new plugs and have the gap set at .030. It was only bad while the engine was cold so my tuner believes it was from the base map. She is getting tuned tonight on e85 so I should have no more problems after to tonight.

looks good man, did you ditch the crash beam behind the bumper?

The big black bar? Ya that shit got cut up lol. Left enough To still bolt the bumper

ya that lol in the same boat for mine, after intercooler upgrade

Ya I just cut out the whole center and left the ends where the bolts from the bumper go through. Had to shave it pretty good to get it to fit

Car now idles and drives perfect. No random misses or stutters. She is street tuned on e85 with precision 1000cc injectors at 7psi.

Laptop died right when we were going to start tuning for power so there’s still a lot we can squeeze out when we go to dyno. Car will be at 15psi revving to around 8k rpms. May possibly swap out turbos for something a little better than this turbonetics.

stock b20?

Ls with type r oil pump. Arp rod bolts and arp head studs. Full rebuild about 175 miles ago now.

Turbo blew up lol. So as much as I hate to do it I have to throw an eBay one on till I can afford a new turbonetics or precision.

how’d you blow up the turbo?

Oil return line got kinked. None of us noticed it. Than mid boost, a Hugh cloud of smoke and oil all down the compressor housing and outside of the center of the turbo. No big deal lol. New turbo is in. Just finishing bolting everything up

Mine was kinked a little with the stock cross member. It would smoke so thought the turbo seals were bad. Pulled the turbo and the drain tube was full of oil, so I think that was causing the smoke issue. Gonna order up a traction bar to eliminate that on my new garrett.