New to this site. Captiva blue pearl rs (56k beware)

Hey hows it going. Just recently heard about this site.

Have owned this car since February and can say I have brought it back out of the whole it was slipping into. The previous owner was starting to neglect the car after owning it for 4 years. He’s a buddy of mine and I convinced him to sell it to me for a steal. ($1200)

I know every owner of this car except for the original owner. When I got the car it had a bunch of lil problems mechanically.

Timing was off
Tps broken
Bad clutch
Bad return spring
Bad axles
Bad tires
Bad distributer
Bad wires
Horrible plugs
And needed an oil change

The first day of ownership I fixed and replaced all of it. I’m not rich and am literally building on a paintballers budget. We don’t make much money.

Ok so here’s the car when I got it.

Balloon tires

Decided to go with an oem flywheel. They seem to keep momentum going better between shifts.

Clutch I decided to go with. Should handle the boost numbers I’m going for

Volvo lip. Doesn’t fit proper on the ends but I’m fine with that for now.

Getting a straight pipe exhaust. Loud but better than what I had and got a good deal on it

Traded the track r wheels. Weren’t my style.

Put the wing back on

An Arizona thing

On a cruise.

PO lost the original mudflaps. I luckily found oem mudflaps in a junkyard in great condition

Got some new parts. AFI+Turbonetics

that’s it for now. Hope you guys like it.

Looks good man. Welcome to the site.

welcome. G/L with build.

holy lip batman! hope the turbo works out bro looks good other than the lip oem ftw! or jdp

Ballin on a budget lol got the lip for $2 at a junkyard

Interested in seeing more of this build. Got any pics of the exhaust from underneath? I’m interested in seeing how you routed it if its a straight pipe

It’s routed the same. Just no cat. Resonator or muffler. No restrictions from the header back

nice car! does 56k still exist?

Dear god I hope not. But just in case there’s some poor soul out there with it loL


Nice creativity with the lip. Were you installing it in a parking lot?

Nice creativity with the lip. Were you installing it in a parking lot?[/QUOTE]

I lived in apartments at the time and they bitched about everything. The car wash down the street didn’t care what we did there as long as there wasn’t a million of us

lookin’ good. im not a fan of the lip though, it does flow with your car, but that’s just me.

Just picked this up. Circuit hero shifter extension.

Sorry for the lack of updates.

As Murphy’s law suggests, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Whenever I have money for parts, bills or something else comes up.

I’ve spent the last 2-3 months playing catch up on bills. Fixing random things from nails in tires to radiators and just tonight the starter.

So I’ve decided to sale my gun. Hopefully with the income from that I can finally finish the turbo kit and start building a track car.

Made a deal. Car will be turbo in the next week or two. Trading a gun for a lot of fab work and parts and labor. I love not having to do stuff myself :slight_smile:

i actually prefer doing it myself so i know exactly what was done and that it was done right, car looks good though, i have the same color 4 door

It’s a good friend so I trust him. He’s also my tuner and fabricator lol

Got some new goodies. Decided car is going on e85

Precision 1000cc
Walbro 255 (waiting on arrival)
Intercooler piping
New tps