New Valve Cover question.

I want to buy a new valve cover for my 92 GSR and looking on the net im not sure if I can find what I am looking for or maybe I am but not seeing it. Are b16 and B18 valve covers compatible with my B17? I was told that was something that you could do and getting a B16 one you would get more compression? So im just asking if they are compatable and if they are can I buy one from a 3rd gen? Sounds like a dumb question but I want to know all of my options for sure. Thanks

only buy a valve cover for a dohc vtec motor…dont buy an ls valve cover. your valve cover will have no bearing or effect what so ever on your compression.

and you really shouldnt need a new one, unless its been dented or damaged in some way. go pick up a valvecover seal kit, spark plug o rings, and grommets from your local honda dealer and a tube of hondabond or rtv. remove all the nuts on your valve cover…tap on the side a few times with a rubber mallet to loosen it (DO NOT PRY WITH ANYTHING) then use your favorite paint remover (aircraft remover, citristrip or oven cleaner work quite well) go find your favorite color paint or krinkle finish, repaint and replace the seals accordingly (maybe look into cam seal as well). search and you can find more detail…quite simple


I always just pry it off with a flat head screw driver, theres nothing wrong with it. Just do it in the right spots, like on the outside of the 2 bolt holes that stick out on the edge of the front or back of the cover.

if you dont pry it up with anything other than your fingers, then there is no way you can damage the head or the valve cover. compromising the integrity of the seal on the valve cover is not a real good idea in my book. but however you like.

please explain how doing it my way compromises the seal between the head and valve cover?? Been doing it this way for about 8 years now and never had a problem with it once. If you think you will be bending the valve cover before the RTV sealent gives your crazy.

i guess im just anal retentive about things. but i prefer not to chance scratching any sort of surfaces that mate to a gasket. not to blow my own horn but im a structural technician for the military and other government organizations and i tend to follow alot of the same practices i use at work. all be it, im sure with care you can do it as you stated, but this guy seems to be a little on the inexperienced side, i didnt want to leave anything to chance.