Newbie Here!! 1991 GS

Just wanted to check in and say what’s up.

I bought this DA9 8 days ago for $1200! It’s got 187,000 miles and the engine purrs and the auto tranny pulls good. It’s got some classic rust and the leather seats are all dried and cracked. Also has some body damage on the passenger rear fender and the carpet and radio are shite (four different speakers). As far as I can tell, it has the original shocks on it and it rides pretty (well, really) rough! I plan on this being my DD and doing some light upgrades to make it more hospitable for the commute. I only have one pic right now but I will post some more when it’s not dark out. I used to have a 93 stick but sold because I got married and had kids. It feels so good to be back behind the wheel of a Teg after driving vans and sedans!

I have a few questions and am trying to find the answers on here but this place is massive. If someone can point me the right direction, that would be awesome. First off, the VIN starts with JH4, is this pretty common? Secondly, If you notice in the picture, the piece between the tail light and bumper is missing. I have the part, but there is damage to the frame so it won’t fit. (pic coming soon) Is this easy to fix?

I have been reading this forum everyday for the past 8 days and have learned so much. Thanks to all who have contributed!

Kennesaw, GA

Welcome to the site. I’m just 15 minutes up the road from you in cherokee county. It is common for the vin to start out with that. I am assuming the part that you are describing is the rear valance. Without seeing the damage in person, I don’t know if its something that is a quick fix. I have 91 factory service manual on hand if you need some advice on trouble shooting.

Not sure why I had to delete my first picture to have room to put this one up. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Nevertheless, you can see here where it starts to bend. I just need to get the bumper down far enough to slide the piece in.

Thanks dpintos. I live right off Bells Ferry Road on Shallowford, so I am real close to Cherokee.

What are your plans for the integra? Like you, I had a integra back in the day. I had a 92 GS back when I was in high school and college. I sold it in 03 regretting it everyday. I just bought a 92 GSR for my 31st birthday. I love this model integra.

I’m not sure where to guide you with problem you have. I would have to see it in person to have an idea of where to start.

My main plan for this car is to save money. I needed something cheap and economical and was looking for a ef Civic or da Integra. I hope to change the shocks, brakes, and tires fairly soon. I’m a musician so a decent stereo is a must. Eventually I would like to replace or refurbish the interior and paint the car. Not in any hurry to do that, but everyday I drive it, I want to do something else. Ultimately, I want a reliable car that me and my wife can drive to work, and if it’s fun to drive and easy on the eyes, that’s not so bad either.

Send me an email, dpintos, so we can try to meet sometime. I would love to see that GSR.