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Here’s what I’ve done so far (in order of installation) on a 1990 GS (B18A) with 165K miles:

Tanabe Racing Medallion catback exhaust (2.36 inch piping) with silencer inserted (more torque and quieter)
Exedy Racing clutch (Stage 1)
Xact Streetlite (12 lb.) flywheel
Tokico blues and springs
Jet-Hot coated Chikara header (2.0 inch)
Skunk2 short shifter
94-95 GS-R alloys
Jet-Hot coated Catco universal high-flow cat (2.0 inch)

Still to be installed: Denso Iridium plugs, Oglesport LTB (old version), chipped ECU (still have to burn a bin and test it out)

So now I’m trying to decide on what to do next. Things I’m considering (in likely order of purchase):

Replace Racing Medallion axleback with Apexi N1 axleback (maybe replacing 2.36 inch piping with 2.0 inch piping for more torque)
AEM pulleys (A/C and P/S) or UR SS pulley kit (crank, A/C and P/S)
CAI (AEM or Iceman)
Cams + S-AFC II (unsure of which cams, nothing too radical)
Skunk2 intake manifold
65mm throttle body

My goal is to increase low/midrange torque first and foremost. I’d like to do mostly nickel and dime stuff before I get to modding the internals. Any ideas appreciated.

do the CAI and cams, those’ll give you the most power for the money
after that you gotta get into the engine to get any more major power

and leave your current exhaust as is, putting 2 inch pipes on axle back will give you unwanted restriction

you really need to do more research, there’s lots of threads covering these subjects

Actually, I’ve done a lot of research both here and on I’ve been around since last November but my account was rendered inactive when I didn’t renew it in time. Anyway, I read that it’s best to keep the piping all the same diameter to prevent the gasses from slowing down, such as when 2.0" > 2.36" (such as in my setup). Maybe it’s not that critical and I’ll just replace the Tanabe with the Apexi for now. I’m sure later I’ll have to go with a 2.5" header & cat anyhow.

So, which cams do you recommend, thecraftyb?

Crower 62403’s…

AEM pulleys (A/C and P/S) or UR SS pulley kit (crank, A/C and P/S)
CAI (AEM or Iceman)

None of these you need

  1. Pulley mess up something called r/s Konflix Integra made a good post and explained to me but I forget what he said I just know there bad. I think it might be for b20 through not sure.

  2. Stock intake for are cars are good just remove the resenator and put a filter on.

So I would go for the cams :shrug:

actually, going from smaller to bigger, as in your current setup, speeds up gas flow

it’s basic physics, gases like to travel from high pressure areas to lower pressure areas, thats why the really good headers are stepped

I know that one guy told you that but he wants to improve midrange power and torque, and dynos have proven that CAIs give a nice boost to midrange power that I doubt you can get from simply removing your resonater