NGK spark plug wires Q for B20B swap


I have a simple yet dumb question to ask. I’m swapping over all my b18a parts over to the b20b incl. the distributor. Now I plan on getting plugs and wires for them…

Would I need to buy Plugs and Wires for the b18a or the b20b.

My initial assumption would be b18a since we’re gonna use it’s distributor?

Enlighten please!

I would say for the b20

If you look at the NGK part numbers, you will see that the 90-93 “LS” all use one set and the 94+ “LS” all use a different set (which is the same set that the CR-V uses). The only thing that changed between 93 and 94 (to my knowledge) that would affect the spark plug wires is the valve cover so yeah, I would say the B20 would be your best guess. Although the difference could also just be the little wire holder dealies.

I would be willing to bet that the difference between the two sets is pretty negligible though. If you are worried about it, I would just get the 90-93 set and then if you don’t get a good connection on the plug, try switching over to the B18 valve cover.

There are my thoughts, for what they are worth. No actual experience here, just conjecture.

Assuming I do get plugs * wires for the b20, they are compatible with the B18’s distrubutor, correct? I think it’d be safer to go with B20s P&W since the gap difference between plugs and valve cover will be slightly different (although it will be negligible)…My ONLY concern would be cranking issues and connection. Not sure if it will throw off the spark or…something of that nature?

If you look at replacement Integra distributor caps online, you will find that there is a single replacement cap for years 1992-1998 for pretty much all Integras. And since the NGK wires are the same part number for years 1990-1993 as I mentioned above you know that the distributor cap plug dimensions for the individual wires are the same on that end.

They will work fine.

Can you tell I really enjoyed Logic class when I was in school?

^ Hah glad someone got to it before I could… was gonna say to cross-reference part numbers. Good stuff.

I want to bump this thread instead of making a new one cause people like to cry when you do that. Let’s see if I get an answer by doing it this way, cause the last few times I haven’t. The above posting focused on the cap and wire connections, which I don’t care about as I know they all fit the same.

Below are the plug numbers per The b18 plugs I listed are the recommended plugs on the sticker under the hood. I want to know If there is really any difference between them. I have a b20b swap with the plug wires that came with the motor from HMO.

What would the difference between the plugs be? I have ran b18 plugs up till now and never really thought to cross reference the numbers nor have I ever had any issues. I’d assume they are different for a reason, I just don’t know it. School us with your knowledge cause I assume they are different for a reason.

B20b plugs- NGK v-power copper ZFR5F-11 (#2262 autozone#)

B18a plugs- NGK v-power copper BCPR5E-11 (#1273 autozone#)

I’d run the plugs that the b20 requires so i wouldnt run the ‘risk’ of cross threading the spark plug hole in the head…the wires are the same i’m sure

That should help you gain some insight on what the numbers mean for the spark plugs.

Stick with the spark plugs recommended for the motor. There could be slight differences in seating, tip projection…etc.

Wow, that is good information right there. It’s weird cause if you follow that guide, they are basically the same except the Z=extended gap and the R=resistor. Those seem to be the only difference. I will be getting b20 plugs instead.

Thanks for the help guys! Much appreciated.