NH-FOR SALE 1 peices headlight ducts -will ship

As the title states I sell 1 piece headlight ducts I do this as a hobby so if your interested please email me these are made to order lense will come painted black if you dont want them painted we can figure something out price is 200 shipped my email is jjfrozo1989@aim.com

Those look nice, a lot better than the last ones I saw someone selling. Are you starting off with real JDM lights or just aftermarket ones?

Lol haha yeah ,these ones are the ebay ones I wanna try doing one with out painting the lense but thats alot more work…lol

Nelson did a fantastic job on my lights…i cat wait to get these and throw them on

better ebay lights than getting rid of legit jdm ones! looks pretty good

Thanks yeah thats what I said…lol unless there cracks then its good (^_^)

Is 200 shipped for a set?
And do you have any pics mounted to the car specifically the passenger side where the intake is?

Thats per light and this one was driver side since its going in a k swapped car, and the duct uses the factory hole where the headlight bulb would go and would be right in front of air intake