Nice teg tip on Antenna repair but another issue

If it wasn’t for that awesome teg tip, I would have gotten an internal antenna. But I’d like to keep it OEM. Teg tip says its a small worn out metal pin that needs adjusting. wow. I would have never guessed. The teg tip implies that if your antenna is having a hard time going all the way up and down then you perform this tip. Problem fixed. Mine goes up all the way and down all the way.

Now my question and concern. Does anybody know what the knocking sound is when its all the way down? Its not a clicking sound as of a bad antenna mast. Because its brand new. The most similiar sound is like as if your knocking your rear quarter panel with your fist. Its three to four knocks. Did I miss something on the antenna motor overhaul? When I disected the motor, the internal gears didn’t look worn out. thanks guys.

That is the “clutch” slipping past the stop point so the limit/reversing switch lines up, if it “knocks” more then once or twice there is a problem. 94