NJ: Acura legend dual piston calipers with brackets new reman will ship

Whats up G2ic i have new reman dual piston caliper of a acura legend and two used brackets i was goin to do this upgrade but got my hands on some nsx ones with the brackets these are bolt on for the 90-01 da/dc/db spindals or spindals with b series axles good oem upgrade if you want to stop better so i dont need this just trying to get my money back i order these thru summit racing and was drop ship from Cardone in California so i am asking 200 local or 212.35 shipped in the usa usps flat rate medium box. check the pics and let me know thanks


Acura legend calipers work da integra??

yes they do bro with a 11 inch rotor redrilled to 4x100 unless you did a 5 lugg you good to go bro check the forums on how to up grade brakes

bumpppppp i can do 250 shipped lmk g2ic

Just curious, how much further do these stick out compared to stock brakes?

^^^a bit more bro but it will fit fine with some 15 inch rim like the ls mesh akd webs,hammers and si and swirlies but its a great oem upgrade braking stops really good dude lmk you can check the other write ups on the dual piston caliper

are the brackets already modified

no they are not but i didnt had to modified they bolt on fine with no problem it depends on the brackets

what car are the brackets off of year modle thanks

25t of acura lengend legend gs model 1995


just use 2007 base model mini cooper rotors… they are already 4x100 and they are hub centric…

The 25t brackets will work with out modifying them, but the 23t brackets work a little better





If I had the dough I would swoop these up. Definitely a good upgrade, someone should get them!

thanks dude yea a good upgrade