NJ- Aem FPR b series for sale and can ship (PICS)

Hey g2ic have a blue aem FPR that i was using now i went to my stock one asking best offer then local pick up works good no problem what so ever has its scratches but rather then that its fine you can paypal me



damn no bumps

maybe no bumps from price kinda high, its a little beat up and i bought one new shipped for 120, i personally would rather spend 10 more dollars for new. Just a thought

really what website i want to see it plus im taking offers too




Still for sale? How you want for it?

make a offer bro lmk thanks



Hey dude if you still have this lmk im right next to north jerz ill pick up

sure no problem just make a offer


still up for sale ?

yes sir still have it interested lmk thanks

lets go people i will sell for 85 shipped anywhere in the usa thanks

still have this??? text me asap 908-2487247