NJ For sale Red Wilwood big brake kit integra

Hey fellow g2ic.com i got a good set of wilwood big brake kit in red i thought i was going to use it but plan change i have a little guy coming soon ( baby ) and need the funds. these go for 725 new. i got the the 5 lug rotor but also redrill them to 4x100 so you have the choice to go five or 4 lugs. comes with the brakets and hadware and also comes with wilwood stainless steel brake lines i am asking 575 obo i just started high since alot of people like to low ball but if the offer is good i will let it go. its that simple. if i get what 600 i can ship it right to your door. the miles on this about 3,500 this stop on the dime. good brake system only thing this will only fit with 16 inch rim and up. so it wont fit 15 inch rims. well here are some pics of the wilwood brake kit lmk thanks.


Any installed pics?

not at the moment i took them off but if you see the first pic it shows with the spindal if you are interested i can but them back on if you like.

bump for good price.

If u still have these around xmas, if I can convince my lady

thanks bro

lol i know that feeling lmk i might still have it.



I wish they fit 15" :confused:

me too or not i would of kept them.