Nj: H22 act clutch and hytech replica header for sales

Like the title says I have an H22 6 puck sprung clutch for sale for $400 and a hytech 4 to 1 header $400. Both items are brand new and never used. This was my 2nd project that never got completed now I focusing on my
1st which is my DA9. Call or text Dennis @ (9083801913) Must sell ASAP. Pictures available upon request.

Wrong section…there’s a classified area for this

I was in that section but I don’t know why it sent it here?

Apparently you weren’t in that section as much as you thought you were. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the parts being sold aren’t G2 related, then they go in OT. Hence why the thread was moved here.

Apparently, I was in the right section. Thanks for the relevant response. How can I get the post to move back? I do have g2 da9 parts to sell as well.

This thread doesn’t get moved back. It was not in the right section to begin with. The parts listed here aren’t for G2, so it stays in OT.

If you have parts for G2, then make a thread containing only G2 parts in the For Sale forum.

As the For Sale forum description states:

Parts For Sale or Trade (by members in USA)
Sell / Trade Integra parts. Only topics with G2 items will be accepted. No businesses allowed.