NM: §§§§§ iacv ctr b16


Cams sold

how much for just the throttle body?

Throw me an offer

i think this is you ruben lol…would this shit be good to start piecing together an obd0 ls/vtec? if so shoot me a text

Pending to bryan


Bump taking offers i need these parts gone my trailblazer took a crap and i need to fix it…

Also got a b16 obd0 head with gsr cams… needs 1 intake valve $300 plus shipping

dang man, sorry for late reply. I live in New Mexico too. Is the throttle body a type r b16 throttle body? will $25 do it?

I believe its a jdm b16 head… but ya 25 is cool heres my paypal rvasquez12384@yahoo.com ill ship it to you unless yoir in las cruces i can meet

sold to me, thanks man

Everything sold! Thanks bryan

lol now find me a complete b20 block or b18 block