No ABS light during self check

Just wondering if anybody else has had this issue with their ABS. ABS light doesn’t light during self check and the brakes lock. I’ve checked all my fuses, solenoids, pump, harness and all checked out good. Getting power where I need power and have continuity where I should. When I turn the key, the abs light doesn’t come on for the self check. When I take the module off the mount (it’s grounded to the chassis) the light comes on, so I know the light works. After doing so much research I came across that if it doesn’t self check then it’s more than likely the module. Just got another module and it’s doing the same thing. Also no flashing lights on the module to call out faults. Am I missing something?

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What model do you have?

RS & LS models have 4 wheel disc brakes, while the GS and GS-R models have ABS.

GS model