No fuel and no CEL

Hey guys. I’ve been hunting for a solution to my shitty cold start and bad idle for the past few months and thought I narrowed it down to A) bad fuel pressure or B) Bad distributor. I was driving yesterday and the car cut out and hasnt started since. It cranks but wont start. I pulled off the fuel line from the fuel pump at the filter and had my buddy crank the car… nothing. not a drop of fuel. I am not getting a CEL and I cannot hear the fuel pump priming. Im guessing either bad fuel pump or main fuel relay. Would I be throwing a code for a bad fuel pump or MFR?

It sounds like you have the answer to your problem. Fuel pump and or fuel main relay. Start with the relay since its easiest. Buy a new one, they’re not that expensive or, search, there are multiple threads on repairing your main relay. Good luck.