No Fuel, No Spark

Ive been having problems with my car. I went out to my car one day and it cranked but didnt start. See, the first thing i thought it might have been was the fuel pump. Cuz i took the fuel line off the fuel filter and turned the key in the “on” position and no fuel pressurized through the line. So i replace the fuel pump and fuel filter and it still did not start. Then i checked to see if i had spark and there was no spark. I checked it with a timing light. i also noticed that my timing looked like it had jumped so i retimed and replaced the belt and it still did not start. Ive been checking powere and grounds everywhere. If anyone could please provide me with advice. Thanks, Appreciate it.

did u check your main fuel relay?

or check this thread?

Start checking electricals around the ECU. Check out the check engine light and see if there are codes if it is lighting up for too long.

If the ECU has gone bad (or has some kind of bad connection in it’s electrical system) it may not turn on the fuel pump. I haven’t looked into it too much, but it also may not allow a spark to occur. If nothing else, and you don’t see proper electrical commands to the fuel pump from the ECU then thats a killer sign.

If you have that famous leak in the front passenger floor mat… guess what… the ECU is swimming. In case you aren’t aware, electrical systems aren’t good swimmers typically.

Honestly I would check out the mechanics manuals. They have a whole run down list in the PGM-FI section on if your car doesn’t start. It’s pages and pages, like 80, I don’t want to repeat them here. (most of their tests can be done without any special equipment, except a volt meter/continuity tester if you don’t consider that standard like I do).