No Heat!! Please Help

Hey, I’m a newbie to all this Acura stuff. and I need some help. Just bought a '90 Teg LS. OK paint, good interior, engine runs great, even with 165K, and have all records. Got it for $875… Bought it to get back and forth to work while I put a headgasket on my Conquest TSi. And the Teg runs great, but the heater isnt working. The Blower works, and I can turn the temp knob to hot and it just blows cold air. No antifreeze leaks so I dont think it is the Heater Core. Going in the morning to by my Haynes book for it, but would like any suggestions anyone could give.

If it’s blowing then the blower motor is fine…I agree, chances are, it’s your heater core…

yeah its the heater core. If im not mistaking that clould be a pain.

try a thermostat, then theres a box behind the radio have some one check it while ur moving the switch back and forth to see if the controler thing is moving all the way back and forth. give it a try and let me know how it goes. thermstat and gasket under ten bucks at oreilly or go to the dealer for a little bit more.

Thanks for the ideas. Found out that the heater control valve (in the engine compantment) did not move when you moved the temp control on the dash. Took the wire off the valve and moved it in the opposite direction and still no heat. Looked under the dash, under the radio and moved some of the levers on the underside of the ducting sys and… yes I have heat now. I’ll figure out the problem when I pull the dash pad later. Thanks again.

the box behind ur radio may be broke, so u cant just replace the broken part. think u have to replace that whole box cuzz mine did the same thing n i just left it on heat all the tyme