No more Cruise Control...bummer!

Cruise Control stopped working all of the sudden. The dash button lights up when depressed but the steering wheel controls don’t seem to work anymore.
I installed motor mount inserts at the beginning of the year and it really makes the dash shake a lot and I am wondering if the shaking screwed up the steering wheel buttons? I am going to take the buttons off and test them based on the instructions in my Haynes manual. I can’t seem to locate a fuse for the cruise though?
Any other suggestions.? Thanks.

Check to see if that little stopper plug on the clutch or brake (don’t remember which one it was) is still there.

There are three “switches”, 2in1 on the brake, [a NC, 12V+ from CCMS to brake switch (light green) from switch to CCU (gray), [ a NO, 12V+ to brake light switch (white/green) from switch to CCU (green/white) and 1 on the clutch, [a NC, ground into CIS (black), from CIS to CCU (pink].

All testing can be done at the CCU.

Black/yellow - 12V+, fuse 24 - 15A, [hot in run and start.
Light green - 12V+, from CCMS, hot when switch is on.
Gray -12V+, from brake switch, from light green
hot when brake not stepped on (NC).
Green/white - 12V+ when brake stepped on.
Blue - tach
Light green/red - ground, momentary when steering wheel
set/resume switch pressed.
Light green/black - ground, momentary when steering
wheel set/resume switch pressed.
Red - output to CC indicator light in cluster.
Yellow/red - from VSS
Brown - CC actuator control.
Brown/black - CC actuator control.
Brown/white - 12V+ output to CC actuator clutch.
Pink - ground input from CIS when clutch is not
not stepped on.

Use a meter to test the 12V+ and grounds at the CCU. 94


Thanks again! Checking it tomorrow!