No play in clutch cable or release arm

Hey everyone, let me start off by saying I have searched for the last week or so on this. I am having an issue with my release arm on the transmission not having any play when it is mated to the engine. When pulled apart it has all the play available since it’s not butting up against anything (obviously). When mated to the engine, it seems there is barely a centimeter of play on it when my friends has about 1.5-2 inches causing us to jack the arm up to get the cable onto it. We have ran the motor that way and can notice hat the clutch pieces are in constant contact, reducing the life of them.

Let me mention this is a b18c1 engine with a 90-91 A1 trans, clutch kit is ACT (part # ACL-AI2-XTSs) and an ACT 8.8lbs flywheel (made for 90-01 integras) in a 91 integra.

I am using a 90-93 integra clutch cable, which I had originally thought was short but had recently found it to be the release arm on the transmission giving the problem.

I am at my ropes end, please any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

Clutch plate is in backwards is the only thing I can think of. Or the throw out bearing isn’t correct…

Took apart the transmission again and the clutch is in the correct orientation. Noticed that one of the clips that hold the throw out bearing to the splined shaft was behind the throw out bearing and the other was in front. The bearing wasn’t seated properly all the way back on the shaft causing it to hit the pressure plate with little arm movement.

Reassembled both clips behind the throw out bearing, mated the trans and engine, fired her up and now the car won’t shift with clutch in and letting the clutch out you can hear like the bearing isn’t retracting.

So now got to take the trans apart again and do it all over.

Will keep it updated for anyone with similar probs, if any of you guys have any other ideas, please feel free to post as me and my boy have taking apart the trans now about 4-5x.


Definitely check the way the release arm, spring, and throw out bearing are installed. I always get confused with those damn things.

Yea I’m definitely going to take them all out and reinstall them just to make sure everything is installed correctly. I’ve literally never had this happen before with all the engine swaps and clutch changes I’ve done with my boy

Update on the issue. We had put my original trans back in today, bolted everything up and was going to take it for a test drive and it won’t go into gear with the car running. Car off it’ll go in no problem. New clutch kit from ACT. New flywheel. What could be causing this??? Thanks

last time i had that problem it end up being my pressure plate , but since your parts are new, not to sure on what it could be

New parts but not be installed right. Take apart and snap some pics.

When you say you reassembled the clips behind the bearing, you do mean that you installed them in the holes on the side of the throw out bearing? It definitely sounds like s throw out bearing problem