No power in low RPMS!!?

okay, I’ve got a 91 Eclipse GS-T, but this shouldn’t have anything to do with the turbo, so anything covered here should apply to tegs as well.

When I launch, I usually rev to about 3.5k and dump the clutch. the tires spin and then as soon as they get traction, the tach drops to about 2k and the car feels like I downshifted bad, then it’s REALLY slow moving. you know the feeling. Then it takes forever to get my rpms back up
(this might just be because the turbo’s siezed, though. I’m replacing it as soon as it comes. I love ebay)

Does this sound like a problem with my car or me (its very possible. I’ll admit I’m new to racing)?

what kind of clutch are u using? beware of ebay turbos… they might be blown… when u get it, check to see if the fins are loose… if they are… ur screwed… very common… i too have this problem, but only when i push on the throttle lightly… other wise, the car would be very strong… it is because of hte way i tuned the car with my safc… matt

I don’t know what clutch it is. I assumed it was the stock one, but I don’t know for sure. I just bought the car a few weeks ago.

your clutch might be bad… does it feel like ur car might be slipping when u rev it really high?.. or does the car jerk, and take off? that is how u can find out if ur clutch is fried… … replace it and get a aftermarket one

if the clutch is bad, It’d burn up when it slipped, right? I’ve been smelling a lot of something lately, I assumed it was tires, but they really don’t spin that long, so it probably is the clutch. Correct me if my logic is screwed up.

burning rubber smell? yup, ur clutch is gone.

i wouldnt jump to changing the clutch so quickly! if the revs are dropping then your clutch is not necessarily bad. if the clutch was slipping, the revs would probably go higher because the engine is turning but when it gets to the tranny it doesnt catch, thus causing it to spin. So do some more research because changing a clutch is a tough job and getting it done can be very pricey.

what i read sounded more like hesitation. is your idle stable?

I’m planning on changing out the clutch anyways, so its not that big of a deal if it doesn’t fix the problem (which I hope it does, however).

Yes, my idle is stable. that’s good, right?

and no my RPMS aren’t jumping, so i guess its not slipping. Or maybe it just takes it a while to catch and then it doesn’t slip. is that a possibility? because i checked it and its definately the clutch thats burning up.

…Or maybe I just can’t drive. :stuck_out_tongue:

a burning clutch doesnt smell like burnt rubber. It smells like overheated brakes. ever follow a semi downhill for a long time? thats the smell.

That car was designed so the engine was built around that turbo. With the turbo seized in place…the engine is not getting the boost needed to climb to the higher RPMs. Basicaly if you take any (most) factory turbo cars and take that turbo off and try to run it all motor it will suck A$$! Usually due to the lower compression of the OEM Turbo motor. Also with that turbine froze in place it is like putting a big rock in your intake. Drasticaly slowing the intake charge. You have to look at it like this…that motor was use to FORCED induction and now is it not only no longer being force fed, its’ being restricted…BASICALY…performance is gonna suck till the turbo is fixed…and from what I have seen with stock turbo cars…the motor usually goes shortly after the turbo is replaced.

Hope this helps.


I hope thats it. Its really comforting, actually, because I’ve got the new turbo coming. I didn’t think about the turbo restricting the engine, but now that you mention it, it makes sense.