No power To Starter Signal Fuse

Hi, ive had problems with starting my car and recently the car does not even want to crank. I solved the problem but its rigged. See, i put a switch where the starter relay goes kinda like a kill switch, because its the only way i can get the car to turn over. If anyone knows how to fix this please inform me. And also could this rigging cause any harm to my computer?

What does the switch do that you put where the starter relay goes?

What color is the wire the switch is connected to?

The first place I would look for a problem is the clutch interlock switch, [M/T] and if you have a starter relay it must be a manual transmission, make sure the switch is working, with a multimeter check and make sure the black wire has a ground and the black/blue has a ground when you step on the clutch peddle. :idea:94

The switch is connected to the connector where the starter relay is supposed to be. See, i dont have a starter relay nemore. And since i have the switch i dont have to press in the clutch to start my car nemore. With the switch its the only way my car will crank. I know that one of the wires going to the connector where the starter relay is supposed to be is black and red. I tested the relay with a battery and its good. I just bypassed the starter relay because i cant get power to the starter signal fuse. So, wat i was assuming was that there is a short in the wires that run to the fuse.