no power to..

So I have no power to my cd player, cig lighter, or climate controls… I had a problem wit the ignition switch I fixed that I blew the ignition relay under the hood replaced that n now I have this problem, I checked all the fuses under the dash n all good there… stumped its a 92 rs it been swapped to a b18c so there’s a lot of chopped want to kno if these an addtional fuse or relay that I mite have missed Its my project car but been my dd for the last month, I’m thinkn to take the whole dash a part n replacing the whole wire harness but I suck ass at electrical stuff. Any input or help is greatly appreciated… thanks fellas

Anyone??? I need some music lol… So I tore part my whole dash n center console, I want to kno I’d there aaccessories relay or an in line fuse?

A lil help?

You probably aren’t getting help because people are seeing the thread title and not viewing because it doesn’t stick out. Please don’t use such vague thread titles when creating new threads. This allows members to help you better, as well as showing up in search results better for anyone that may have a similar issue.