no slack when taking out cluster

hey guys, i was taking my gauge cluster out today and i’ve read how the speedo cable is a pain…well i got EVERYTHING out and when i tried the last step with the speedo cable…there was absolutly no slack at all…i couldn’t even fit my little asian hands in the back. is there any solution?


disconnect it from the transmission
that thing was such a bitch when i put in my indglows

yeah i just checked and someone said disconnect a 10mm bolt on the back/top of the tranny? i gave up for today…gauges are one of the worst things i’ve messed with for some odd reason…even in my old car

diconnect ure speedometer plug…(from under ure hood)…then have some one push it thru the firewall while you pull…make shure they push while you pull evenly…

theres aslo a clip you have to take off b4 you unplug it…