No spark and fuel pump not priming.

So i know this is another no start thread BUT ive done most work besides replacing the ecu and fuel pump.

The reason im posting this is cuz i checked my spark plugs for spark while someone cranked the engine and i got no spark. I also listened for the pump priming and its not(no clicking no buzzing).

What would cause both of these problems?

Ive changed out multiple parts. Dist cap, dist rotor, spark plug wires, ignition coil and my MFR. The thing is i can understand one thing going bad but 2 things at the exact sametime…chances are low(not impossible).

I have voltage at my fuel guage sending unit(part under the seat). Resistance checks out okay as well.

I have voltage at my ignition coil tower(where spring is). My resistance is correct off the coil and the point of contacts as well.

My engine light stays on no matter what i do. I pulled my ECU and pulled the wires and the fuse(backup fuse under the hood) to reset the ecu and codes. Soon as i plug everything back in engine light is still there.

S3 gear light is not flashing. I was going to attempt to pull the codes off ecu from a LED light from the ECU but theres no friggin light…ANYWHERE. I even pulled the cover off and looked inside.

So my question is what the hell is going on? I have a fuel delivery problem as well as a ignition problem. ECU went bad on me?

I was noticing for a few weeks(2 maybe 3) that when i first start the car it sounded like it was running on 3 cylinders. If i let it idle for a few minutes it would run fine. If i just decided to go and not wait it was really sluggish and after i either went about 100ft or stomped on the gas it cleared up. I got home parked in the driveway and the next morning trying to go to work it just would not turn over. My engine just cranks and cranks and cranks.

Does anyone have ANY idea.

P.S. I checked my fuses and they are all intact. I really dont want to drop my fuel tank buy a new fuel pump if its not the problem. I also dont want to replace the ECU if thats nott he problem. I would just take it to a shop but i dont have alot of money for towing and for them to fix it. Plus i would like to be able to say i fixed the problem myself.

Also if the fuel pump died on me wouldnt there be some residual gas in the injectors and start even for a few seconds till it burned what was left?

CHeck the pgm fi/ecu fuses, and also check the main relay.

Replaced the main relay already.

And i’ll check the fuses again i might of missed something.

Thank you.

Still nothing. cries

Check the ground by the thermostat housing jiggle it, clean it, all that good stuff.

to check the codes you have to jump the service connector. it’s just above the pass. side kick panel. it may be tucked/taped to another harness. it’ll be a 2 wire connector not plugged into anything. once you do this, your check engine light will flash in a sequence/sequences concurrent with the codes set.
i would try retrieving the codes first to help give you some direction. that’s what they’re there for.
it does sound related to an ecu/fuse or ground issue though
good luck

Awesome thanks so much guys

Ii’ll do that today when i get home form work.

Ya from what ive been reading it may possibly be a grounding issue. Thanks again.