No spark

Does anybody know what the specs are for the ignitor? My 91 will not start. Everything is checking out as far as the coil is concerned and it has a new cap and rotor (but still no spark). Any info would be helpful.

When my car wasn’t getting any spark about a year ago, the deal told me that to check the ignitor try to start the car and look at the tach. If the needle bounces up and down the ignitor is fine. That isn’t the way that the shop manual says to test it, but they said it works because the ignitor sends the signal to the tach.

It turned out to be the coil afterall (my original suspect). How it pass all the troubleshooting I did and be bad baffles me.

My coil failed awhile back in my 90 GS sedan. I checked it out according to the diagnostic guide in Chilton’s and it checked out fine but the car still wouldn’t start. Replacing the coil fixed it. I don’t know if you’re using Chilton’s check, but it doesn’t work.

Glad you got it running.