NO turn signals, 4 ways, etc?

Well one day all of a sudden my 4 ways stoped working. i couldnt figure out why.

so my bulbs were blown in my front bumper turn signals so i replaced them and now my turn signals dont work at all


i checked all the fuses and they seem ok.

neone help me out???

did u try changing the fuses out?.. my car had some cheapass fuse in the rear defroster spot… it didnt actualy break… it cracked only on one side so the power couldnt get accross but u couldnt notice it by just pulling it out… mine fell on the ground when i was looking in the hole to see if the last owner got wire or somethin stuck in that fuse hole… and when it hit the ground it broke completely

well weirdest thing

i took the fuse out for the turnsignals and swapped it with the passanger highbeam fuse.

the turnsignals didnt work afterwards , and now my high beam on the passanger light doesnt work even with a brand new fuse!

no idea on that…

look inside the fuse holes… see if the metal is still there… on my uncles mustang it popped out somehow and there was nothin for the flasher to connect too anymore

Can you smell burnt rubber? Let’s hope that it wasn’t your wires that got fried. It happened to me before (in a different car) and what I ended up doing was rewiring my turn signals. Good luck.

no i dont smell ne rubber

i think its the hazard relay turn signal relay, maybe i have short?

ne ideas

wouldnt if the flasher relay burnt up in a off position it wouldnt work at all right?

check the relay.

check the relay and then check for a cracked fuse block or shorts behind it