Noise from timing belt w/ JG gears

I just installed a set of JG adjustable cam gears. After putting the belt back on and starting it up, I noticed a sound coming from my timing belt. It’s like a whirring noise, but not steady…kinda like er, er, er, er, er, er… I searched for this, but couldn’t find much specific info.

I’ve got a couple theories why this is and wanted to ask you guys here.

-the JG gears are kinda rough on the teeth. I’m wondering if maybe this is causing the noise. Is anyone else running these gears? Did you notice the noise after installing them?

-the belt looks a little tighter than i remember it was before. Would this cause the noise? Is it even possible to overtighten the belt with the “automatic” tensioner? (I use the service manual method for tightening: install belt, rotate three teeth counter-clockwise, tighten tensioner.) If so, what would i do to prevent overtightening? rotate it only two teeth?

Sorry for asking that second set of questions without trying it…I haven’t had a chance to work on it yet.

TIA for your help

my guess would be its overtightened. try adjusting the tension again