noise from under the chassis!!!

hey guys!!!
i was on the highway last night and i was going about 90-95mph and i was feeling vibration noises under the front wheel wells. it’s not consistent yet but it’ll come and go. i was thinking the cv boot or something along those line. all the weights on the wheel are there . i plan on putting the car on the lift tonight and getting a closer look. Can you guys recommend what i should look for? thank for anyhelp you can offer. it’s 93 DA6 and my brother said that the cv boot had a minor rip 3 months ago so i’ll be looking for that also.

man i checked it out last night and the boots on both side are gone. gotta get me some new axles. i was thinking of replacing them with the stage 1 axles from any opinions on them? i need them anyways for the ls/vtec swap i’m doing in 2 months.