Noise from wheels

Theres a high pitched squeeking noise, dont really know how to describe it, but i can hear it go faster as i go up in rpm. Is it the hub bearing?

My bearing made more of a grinding sound, not squeaking. Something rubbing on heat shield maybe? Jack it up and see what’s touching that shouldn’t.

mine had a high squeeking noise. changed the wheel bearing and it went away. seems like its dry that why it squeals. IMO :slight_smile:

first you have to figure out if the squeek gets louder with speed or rpms.
ex: your at a stop and rev the rpms, can you hear it then or is it heard only in motion?

Thanks for the inputs. ^^It gets faster and faster as I accelerate, so only in motion.

I would say wheel bearing. If you haven’t inspected your axles for a while, I would get underneath and inspect the boots for any tears or wearing. If you see any nasty black/brown goo, that means your boots are bad and the cv joints have taken in too much water with the oil. Sometimes that will dry out and the joints will be on metal to metal.