noob question on suspension

okay if i was to use a set of struts from dc2 and egs then i have to use the same front forks and the forks from those chasis

Here you my man… exactly what you’re looking for…

thanks your the greatest…

yw :rockon:

hey I wanna add another noob question… when you lower your car you should go wit after market shocks correct or struts? and I was gonna order koni shocks and it shows yellow ones and red ones next to them im not suspension inclined so help a brother out lol

Yellows are amazing street and track shocks but the reds are valve for full out G forces in the corners! but they are too stiff for the street I think. unless you live in a newly paved city!

A friend decided to correct me on this so i thought i should post it. koni has 3 levels of shocks. the koni specials are also called the koni reds, these are their entry shocks. then there is the koni yellows which are street and track shocks. and then koni also has there race series shock that also just happens to come in yellow, black, and of course, red. i hope this helps!

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