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Hey guys well i just signed up because im 100% going to be the owner of a 1993 integra with a b18jdm motor. Im new to imports but some of my friends said to jump on the deal since the motor is directly from japan, guy showed us all the receipts, shipping info and whatnot. Anyways. I was set on gettin a 98 integra, but things didn’t go so well. I saw a picture of a 93 integra with a 98 jdm front conversion and i fell inlove with it. Im thinkin all I need are the 98 side skirts, the 98 jdm front bumper, and the 1peice jdm headlights, and the 98 hood. I saw a picture of SpoonTegs integra, its beautiful. Could i get some more shots of it? If i dont do the 98 jdm front, i’d like to go with something like yours. Not only am i going to do exterior, im planning on doing a turbo setup as far as performance goes. Thanx for any help/advice/input

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