NOR CAL SF BAY AREA: Misc used parts cooling & Brakes

Hello everyone got some leftovers from my car day yesterdday that I won’t be needing. Most of it I would classify as junk, but hey with cars as old as ours sometimes my leftovers are another mans prize.

First up, I have an OEM Acura/Honda Radiator. It has seen better days is in fair condition, but needs a good cleaning and test for leaks. I replaced it after having cooling system issues, and rather than be cheap and try to pinpoint the issue just replaced everything cooling system wise (except the water pump) IDK what it is worth, so best offer takes it. may just be good for core value IDK… Flow is descent throught the radiator itself, and the drain plug is broken off and now missing after I pulled it out ( no it is not in the radiator)

Also available are the OEM upper and Lower Radiator hoses. These still have a fair bit of life in em - 10.00 for both

Front Blank rotors with pads - One may be a little warped… get em turned and you are golden Pads included have 75% life left. $20.00 Also when I say warped… there was an almost unnoticeable throb when braking hard at freeway speed. otherwise you would barely notice it.

Rear Drilled rotors with pads - near as I can tell these are A-OK Pads still have 65-75% life left. Only replaced these as I got a screaming deal on a full set of Power Stop drilled slotted rotors & Ceramic pads so there were replaced as well. $20.00 takes em away.

OEM Acura AC Condenser fan - WHat can I say… I went aftermaket radiator and this doesn’t mount to it LOL… Fan is 100% working, 4 blades are all intact, OEM wiring harness for the fan is 100% intact. just bolt it on & plug it in. $40.00

All items are Best offer. Prefer local sale so you can see the parts directly, but will ship, & send pics upon request. G2ic is not playing friendly with my Droid Razr so posting pics isn’t an option right now.:werd:

COntact me here or @ four Zero 8- two thirty four- 0126

I have a clear Accel Distributor cap to add to this… Asking 30.00 OBO + shipping

Accel Part # 11069 - CLare DIstributor cap with 2 rotors, Gasket & SCrews has brass contacts

BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE… IT IS FOR A 92-93 GS/RS/LS/GSR or 94-00 GS/LS/RS ALso fits several Civic or Accords & many of the VTEC motors.

WILL NOT FIT base 90-91 Integras.