Norcal: 1 h4h bulb

If anyone has a spare h4h bulb sitting around that they’re willing to part with please let me know. Contact me through here or via text at (530) 321-9334. Halogen please, I’m looking to get rid of my HID kit in my one pieces.


Nobody has one? This kit is driving me crazy, tired of feeling like a ricer…

i’ve been wondering where i will get replacements when i have a bulb go out :frowning:

I wonder if DA_ALL_DAY can get them in Japan and send them to us out here. Hmmm

thats a good idea. im gonna go post on his thread and see if he can, cuz it would be nice to have a set sitting around

Hey rollinmyda wats wrong with ur hid kit??

I got mine from ICB last year in a pretty decent amount of time. These are the ones I bought:

those are the ones i have and love em. thanks for the link! rollinmyDA we found our solution lol

No problem man! It’s definitely a pain in the ass not having them readily available, but at least there’s still some options stateside

It’s not a retrofit… Lol. I hate pnp HIDS

Thanks mrpenny! Gravex3400 emailed me and suggested hmotorsonline too. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of those places.

i have a set of Stanley h4h’s that came in my one pieces, and a set of passwordjdm h4h’s. both sets are in working condition, just did a retrofit and don’t need them anymore. let me know if you want either set, willing to let them go for cheap.

rollinmyda you should still have my number, but if not just shoot me an email at asequeira26 at

Texted, thanks man!

still looking for some?

No I got some, thanks though