NORCAL- clutch slipping but was running perfect last night. whats wrong ?

hey you guys so its like this

1991 acura integra-OEM clutch- 5 speed - 170k- b18A-cable clutch

my car and clutch was running perfect last night.
slept over at friends house, he got a hold of my keys when i was asleep to " move " my car.
woke up started my car to go home , then my clutch started to slip like crazy i would be at 4k and barely moving, if i take it slow enough i would be able to get it up to speed, but i wouldn’t be able to keep up with regular city stop and go traffic.

also i already adjusted and readjusted my clutch cable. didn’t work

hard to put in gear.
clutch slips like crazy.
pedal is hella heavy.

whats good fellow g2ic members anyone in the san jose, ca area looking to make some cash replacing my clutch ?

ya you need a clutch, make sure whoever does it resurfaces the flywheel. im far from you or id do it for a cheap price, but im in san bernardino

just like that guy said, clutch and flywheel resurface…
but in my opinion, the first thing you need to do is limp your car back to your friends house and BEAT HIS ASS, and then take his wallet