NorCal. Feb 20th 2009 meet pictures...

About 7 people showed up, 2 of us were without tegs (me and Hybrid_DA).

I don’t know about the EK, But I guess he was with us? he parked close to us, litterally and started talking to some people.

:bang: Did I mess up? I thought I introduced my friend and his friend. That is Maury’s new ride. He used to have a DA until some chick T-boned it.

Nope I remember him

thanks for the pics looks good

I got there too late i guess. Like at 10pm. There was a bunch of cars but u guys must have left before i got there. I’m down for the next one…

haha that was a good meet im defintly gona go to the next one but next time i go im cleaning my windows cuz they look horrible.

I know this is an old thread, but damn I love how that Integra in the first picture looks. Thats very close to the look I was hoping mine would end up looking. :bye:

spoonsports2 , LiveFastDieFun
there is another meet tomarrow in livermore just so you know

He doesnt like us anymore :frowning: He hasn’t been to a meet in almost 2 years.

One day my Teg will get its legs back and I will be able to join in the fun… :sad:

-Currently needs:

almost everything related to the front suspension…

Alan, you know I rarely even go out. It’s hard having a outside life when you have a 9-month old that thinks he’s a 2-year-old. :dozing: :dozing:

:wave: sergio

hahaha at you not coming to a meet in 2 years:angel:

Hey Yuri! How’s the little one? :slight_smile:

BTW, anybody know when the next meet is?

she’s great, gonna be 3 in may. time just flies!

how’s your bundle?

i remember your car was almost to the same point of the one posted.

My son is about to be 10 months already :slight_smile:

As for the Integras; the original one was totalled and the LS-S was sold to a member on here. I’ve been Integra-free for almost a year now. :sad:

Now, I just have a Maxima and 535i.

Hey whats up spoonsports2 you should come out to the meet coming up this sat its gona be at union city landing.

I’ll try to make it. It’s in the evening, right?

BTW, I’m Sergio. :wave:

Was up Sergio. Im kyle and im the 1 doing the meet. Its at 3pm lasting throw the day.

If sergio goes, I’ll go.

Call me if you’re going sergy.

[QUOTE=DarkDB1;2018885]If sergio goes, I’ll go.

Call me if you’re going sergy.[/QUOTE]

Let me know if your going Alan so i can lock my car…:nana: