Norcal: few random parts

Hey guys, got some parts for sale. Shipped prices are to conus but do not include PayPal fees. You can post on here or feel free to text me @ (530)321-9334, will also consider trades for DA parts!

Oldschool Spats front strut bar. Clears ABS. Flippable to mount in front of or behind intake manifold. Bought this from caiptainda9 and never got around to installing it. Has a couple dings but still in solid condition. No pics at the moment but I’ll get some and add them soon. $65

Spoon Sports Duracon shift knob. Complete with original box and allen included. Very good condition. $50

Jdm foglight covers $15 shipped

Jdm foglight bulb retainers and yellow capsules $25 shipped

Rs speaker delete pods, black but faded from the sun $20 shipped

Palmy blue glovebox $25 shipped

Tan and brown coin trays (mint) $15 shipped each
I also have a black coin tray but its not pictured
Dead buttons and mirror blockoffs offer

A bunch of random oem floormats, none of them are in great condition but they are really dirty so I’m sure they’d clean up or they’d be good candidates to dye. OFFER

JDM RX7/MX5 Nardi Torino steering wheel. Doesn’t fit DAs without doing something custom. The splines on the DA steering wheel hub are just slightly too small to grab the splines on the wheel. Just figured I’d throw it out here since not everyone drives only a DA. Make me a decent offer if you’re interested. These go for $250-400 on ebay.

Parts added!

Spats front strut bar, Spoon sports shift knob, oem floormats, and Nardi Torino steering wheel.

the spoon knob is decent, pretty close to original price tho…and does it have a nice weight to it?

The spoon knobs are not weighted. On ebay they go for $75- $85 so I feel like its a good price.

thanks for the info on the weight, i can’t beleive people are paying that on ebay, its $60 straight from spoon

$60 + shipping from japan though right? My price is shipped. Feel free to make me an offer though. Worst I can say is no.

have a spoon sticker with it? sorry soo many questions, i wanna load up my car with spoon shit lol

No sticker, just the knob, box, and Allen wrench.

dang, you dont have the part i needed! it’s the one that the bulb secures to and THEN it clips on to those retainers. thanks tho!

I’m sure I have it. You mean that little round piece with the bow tie shaped hole for the bulb to go through? I have those. I can get you better pics if you need them.

Yes, those are the ones I need. Email them to me at iogearz@ w/out the space of course.

I searched everywhere for those bulb holders and I couldn’t find them. Sorry man.

=( haha. thanks for looking tho!


Bump, nobody?

hey. do you still ahve the rear speaker pods

do you have a passenger side floor mat for a coupe? prefer black/charcoal. lmk a shipped price to 64057

Hvnracing1- yes I do.

4sd4dr- I don’t think I do. I have a blue passenger mat but I’m pretty sure its for a 4dr. I’ll double check for you though.