I just picked up a pair of the door pieces from the oem optional lip kit. I would love to keep them but I would rather have the money right now and help someone else complete their kit. They are not 100% perfect but in very good condition for their age. Everyone knows how rare these are so if you’re interested please let me know. I’m going to clean them up and upload pictures tomorrow, at which time I’ll give a detailed description of their condition. If you’re interested post on here or text me at (530) 321-9334. Thanks!

$200 + Shipping/PayPal

Small scratch/scuff

email pics to

thanks bro!

I’m actually thinking about holding off on selling these and trying to piece together a full kit. If that changes I’ll let you know and send you pics. Thanks for the interest!

I got a rear lip

I have a front and rear lip fs 8602024982

Thanks guys. I’m trying to get my hands on the rest of the sideskirts first and I don’t even have 90-91 bumpers either but eventually I’ll be looking for them. What kind of prices were you thinking?

2Each plus shipping

So I decided I am going to part with these. Email sent to H22DA

Bump, pictures are up.

Bump, price isn’t set in stone.



just wondering if these were sold?

No I still have them but I got the rest of the sideskirt pieces so I’m not planning to sell them. Sorry

rear lip

let me get at it.5593620392

i know this post is old but if you ever decide to sell them let me know, id definitely buy them from you!