Normal compression numbers for stock b18a

Got some problems here goys. Lots of white smoke. Trying to figure out if it is the head gasket. Comp. test numbers are 190 175 185 190 in the order 1, 2, 3, 4.
Mileage is 208,xxx miles. I suspect the head gasket but these compression numbers are not really different from hen I did a test 9 months ago, before the smoke started. Are these numbers normal?

numbers should be closer to each other than that, i would suspect a blown head gasket…are you over heating?

no overheating. But then again the idiot gauge doesnt let you know until youre really in trouble. #2 is a bit low but the rest dont seem out of whack.

those numbers are within 10% of each other, that is within spec I think.

i would have a problem with #2 at 175 with others at 190

I can’t wait to check my compression, cause I have 253K miles and still running strong. I am going to use some seafoam to clean up some of the built up carbon, and then check my compression numbers again to see if the built up carbon really does in fact cause higher compression. Then if all is well, in goes the colt cams and dual springs for a little bump in hp till this motor gives up the ghost.

Your compression test came out alright. Those numbers are fine, even with the 175 being a little lower than the others. In an LS, you should expect to get around 185 psi per cylinder.

Your compression is still healthy.


hmmm… so why the white smoke? COuld the compression test not reeal a head gasket problem? Probably going to pull the head anyway and replace the gasket.

When does it smoke and are you sure it isnt blue??

It doesnt sound like you need to pull the head. That is time and money not well spent.

If you really need to know why it is smoking and you do think it has something to do with the combustion chambers then do a leakdown test before you go through the trouble of replacing the gasket.
It could be something as trivial as a bad catalytic converter or condensation.