North Carolina: 1992 AGP DB2

time to sell my work in progress 1992 agp db2. the car is all original even the b17a1 all original equipment. only mods ive done to it are brand new f&f type 1 coilovers and brand new str 606 bbs rs wheels 15x8 + 20 wrapped in sunny 195/45/15 tires also brand new. The car runs very good no issues and transmission has no grinds or issues just changed the fluid with new hmt fluid really good stuff. has a tiny oil leak from cam end caps typical Honda issue, doesn’t burn oil or smoke. engine is very healthy ive replaced water pump, oil pump, timing belt and timing belt tensioner so maintenance is good to go. only other issues are paint faded on the roof and areas on the hatch but for original paint its still good to look at and still shines good heck I even wash and wax it and the ac is not hooked up I still have all the ac lines and the compressor is still the engine bay intact. the chassis is great no damage or rust it is straight just minor dents here and there nothing to bad but overall body is great! the car is located in NC and I don’t want to deal with shipping etc local or you pick it up. im asking 3700$ firm text me at 704-258-7762 for more info and pics.

I stil have the rear wing!!!

CT-Do you still have it?

Sure do ! 7042587762. Text or call

I want it. If only you weren’t 12 hours away :confused:

Ive driven this db2 at 179324 miles after i did routine maitnence of timing belt water pump and oil pump from nc to Tulsa oklohoma and back no issues and one way trip was 18+ hours Round trip almost 1500+ miles and she ran great no issues. 12 hrs would be no problem 3500$ final price until end of July!!!Great deal for a db2 that looks good and runs even better!

I’m not worried about the car not making the drive back up, I’m more worried that I wouldn’t be able to go down to charlotte before someone else snags this great DB. I’ve wanted a Gen2 GS-R for so long. Especially one in Aztec Green.

I know what you mean took me two yrs to find this one haha but for some reason everyone in the Carolina’s think the eg/dc/ek chassis are so superior to the da…so i havent had many serious buyers and so forth but it at why i love gen 2s they are truely underated and alot of people dont even know that a 1992 gsr ever existed especially the jdm fan boys around where i live…oh god.and i get accused for swapping motors etc from people etc etc…pretty entertaining. But if you reAlly want it we can arrange for you to be able to get it its still availble and chillen like a boss in the garage.

What’s up with the A/c lines not being hooked up? Not much of a concern, but I just fixed the A/C on my DA and now it’s something I can’t live without haha. Also, it’d be stupid of people to accuse you of swapping motors, because almost no B17’s go up for sale, and Acura never painted an LS, RS or GS Aztec Green. But most people don’t know that.

I just dont drive the car as much becuase im so paranoid of theft in charlotte that i just havent hooked it back up i have all the lines etc just been lazy on my part. Anything lowered/slammed/stanced/ is fair game for theives heck even if it was a cavilier.Plus ima G! Windows down all the time! J.k i mainly drive this car on days when i feel cool and to local meets and only time i drove it for a long period of time was to oklohoma and back just to prove to my wife that a well maintained 90s car can still get it. Other than that she sits i the garage looking all pretty.

I live in Tulsa. It’d be nice to have another DB2, especially agp!

I would really like to daily this.

I’m seriously considering flying from Iowa and driving this home. Would be garaged, weekends only, and never see snow.