North Carolina --Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point Meet-- 22May2016

Why not?

Triad Area Meet (Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem): 22 MAY 2016
All 1990-1993 Integras welcome --modified, stock, under construction, etc.-- however, drivers who perform burnouts and drive recklessly while at the meet are not welcome.

Sunday 22 May 2016
Sonic Drive-in parking lot

112 E Parris Ave, High Point, NC 27262

[SIZE=1]Note: I have no idea if there are even current members within driving distance, so this is an experiment. I’ll chill for awhile, just a dude in his car… no harm in trying. Can’t be having Neil B. call me shy, lol. This is a small Sonic, so if a ton of people show up, I’ll be waiting there to pass along the alternate meet location.[/SIZE]


Sorry dude I didn’t get the notification for this one either in my email. I’m gonna make a decision by tomorrow about if I’m having it this weekend. Let me know what you want to do for your area, and I’ll send a Facebook update and a mass email out if we’re both good to go. Thanks!

On second thought, I went ahead and published it. I can always cancel. Just let me know. Thanks for setting it up. I’ll send out a mass email tomorrow if you’re still good to go.

Yeah, they are lowering our rain chances for Sunday, but it is still unclear. I am not gonna decide for sure until Saturday, I think.

Did you make a decision? I cancelled mine.

Yeah, I will still be at my location tomorrow at 2pm. Forecast calls for cloudy but no rain… although it is dumping today! We’ll see if anyone joins me.

Well, it was just me today, but at least I had a place to grab a bite. To any local G2IC members searching for Central NC meet info in the future; I’m down, so hit me up!

Even tho it looks like a rally car with all the wheel gap its still clean man. Transmission took a lil shit. Waitin on parts, but im game to take some road trips in the future.


Let’s try it again man. We need to get meets happening again. I’m considering you my wingman!