Nothing like a snapped valve spring.

Well after 2 years and under 30 000 km one of them decided they would quit, Currently running the #018 crane cams and the full crane valvetrain and no using stock locks. So needless to say the valve dropped creating a nice little bend in it but tommorow it hit the machine shop to see if thier is any hidden damage.

Now I do not want to use the crane springs ever again so getting a new set is not happening. Went down to the parts store and asked about the crower dual spring needless to say they had two options and one was in stock.The ones in stock are a exact match of the specs that my cranes are. The other listing is for one with more seat pressure and open preassure but up to a week away if in stock at crower unless i pay a insane amount for overnight. Should i wait or just buy the same spec ones?

u sure don’t live up to your name “inneedofhelp”… i said get the more stiffer set if u planned to upgrade the motor soon, might even be more reliable in the future… but if u plan on keeping the motor then get the same… all depends on you…

Don’t feel so bad…I destroyed my motor due to a broken inner valve spring (skunk2’s)… on the exhaust side. They held up to ~40,000 miles of of 9500rpm, months of a 75 wet shot and 3 bottom end rebuilds.
-If I depended on the car for daily transportation, I would get what’s available and resolve the issue. There’s going to be a few bad apples on every tree.

contact peter at IIM

he has skunk2 dual valve springs in stock right now and he can get you some really good deals on crower stuff as well as supertech and many other brands.

I just picked up a set of the skunk2 springs from him.

ya called everywhere, i called them first but no luck only place that had stock for up to 2 weeks was mopac.