NRG short hub

I was wondering are all the NRG hubs for hondas the same? like could i use one thats for an eg, dc, or ek would fit on my DA?

nope… u can only use the ef hub or da hub.

ok thanks…but if those hubs dont how is the jdm itr momo wheel able to work on our cars?

i honestly dunno about that one… i believe that only some dc steering wheels fit, and it might be the jdm itr one. try searching jdm itr steering wheel… that would be ur best bet.

the jdm itr wheel with the NON srs one will fit…without any problems

thx for the clarification. :rockon:

no fosho…:up:

def now ordered one the other day it will fit but you will have a nasty gap buy one for da/ef !!! its 190H i believe

well might as well update this incase anyone else is wondering.

I contacted weksos about it and they said that a EG/DC hub WILL fit, BUT your turn signals wont cancel, so you would have to do it manually.

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i miss this steering wheel, it was so nice…

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