Nu Finish: car wax

anyone know if this stuff is any good? i found some of this stuff laying around in my garage, thought i’d give it a try.

its either this stuff or some old chunky looking “turtle wax” :uhoh: .

if it’s NU-finnish, I know a guy who comes be my work(i work at a car lot) and it beads up really nice don’t think it’ll give ya an amazing deep shine but it seams to protect well. and he only does it once a year! and hey you found it free is alway good!
hope that helped

its this stuff:

NuFinish is a good oldskool product they have been around for like ever my old shop teacher always used that stuff on cars that came outa the paint booth. it works pretty decent and beats paying the big bux on like mothers or meguiars products although they make good stuff they are a lil overrated

yea its old skool but since its free, use it