NV: JDM one pieces

Looking for a CLEAN set of JDM one pieces, must include the bottom brackets.
Please send me a txt at 702-538-3780 Fern.

Thank you!

there are no bottom brackets…just saying.

right, so theres four threaded holes on the bottom of both driver and passenger side headlight for no reason…

There are bottom brackets.

for JDM one pieces?!??! i’ve only known one pieces to have three top holes for teh top mounting, USDM headlights have bottom brackets

[QUOTE=captainda9;2256058]There are bottom brackets.
This is true.

Then every set you’ve seen has been missing those brackets. Usually importers remove them to save space, they add significant bulk to the headlights.

I’m not 100% sure seeing as it’s been a LONG time since I dealt w/ these brackets, but I think they’re the same as the US ones. Just pull the brackets off your US lights and move them to the JDM ones.

^ I was thinking the same thing, sadly… I sold my usdm set a long time ago. On the usdm set, I thought those brackets were one piece with the housing? I might be wrong… Thats the only reason why Im asking to come with brackets cause I wasnt too sure, If im wrong, then I can get away with a set of JDM one pieces without the brackets.

Not for sale at the moment, but I have a set with 3 out of the four brackets. I had no idea they even existed until I bought a car with the full JDM nose including core support. The brackets are made up of 2 parts. The tab that screws into the holes in the bottom of the one piece, and the bracket that bolts to it which is the same as the removable one from the USDM lights.

ahhh well that’s informative. i personally rather NOT the bottom brackets, but i understand why you would want them…GLWF

Found a set, please close. THANK YOU!!!